Management Strategies for Public & Private Partnerships

There are different management strategies that can be applied in public-private partnerships. They can involve legal, political, and economic issues. According to Achard, there are four main models of management in the public-private sector. The first one is related to the usage of privatism tools. The second one is focused on the introduction of more flexible systems of management instead of centralized bureaucracy. The third one is related to the culture in the innovation process. It concerns both the role of management and the base of changes. Finally, the fourth model highlights the combination of privatism management tools and the values and objectives of public services.

Management strategies can be aimed at solving a wide range of issues in different fields. One such strategy, described by Battisti, is technology-based innovation. It involves the identification of the key roles in the process of innovation and introducing new technologies in the management process according to these roles. In the field of healthcare, there are different types of public-private partnerships.

Joudyian et al. provide several examples of them, such as the introduction of private-sector ownership to the businesses owned by the state. Such partnerships also include selling government services to wider markets and private finance initiatives. Medicine s for Malaria Venture can serve as an example of a successful public-private partnership in the sphere of healthcare. It facilitates access of people to health services and medicine.

Besides, it fosters research in the fields of diagnostics, vaccines, and drugs for neglected diseases. Its main mission is to fight malaria by developing new antimalaria drugs, which would be more affordable and effective than the existing ones. It has been introduced in 50 countries all over the world and is supported by USAID, which provides grants for new research. Besides, the partnership is looking for new ways of solving the problem of resistance to drugs against malaria and for a single-dose drug that would help to cure this disease. The organization has more than 150 active partners and 11 compounds in clinical development. Thus, this is a successful private-public partnership in the sphere of healthcare development.

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