Hotel Front Office as a Career Choice

Now more than ever, the hotel front office needs a young, flexible and adaptable workforce like yourself. Working in the hotel front office position requires different sets of skills, which vary based on the organization of the hotel and the type of guests it accommodates and serves. Depending on your specialty, you may work in the hotel front office as a desk clerk, reservations manager, cashier, concierge, telephone operator, bell staff, night auditor, elevator operator, and room key clerk.

However, the emergence and prolonged stay of COVID-19 has led to an economic shutdown that has significantly affected the hospitality industry. Hoteliers have adopted strategies such as social distancing, community lockdowns, and restrictions on movement and travel. On a positive note, working in shifts ensures you will have some time off work where you can relax and plan on how to improve your input in your job. On the other hand, you may have to put out of the normal routines and less time spent with your family and friends.

However, this also presents an opportunity to bring innovative ideas to the hospitality industry and revolutionize operations in the hotel front office. Before COVID-19, each of these positions was associated with conventional roles and responsibilities. Thus, by seeking to fill these positions, you should look to change from the conventional ways and adapt to the needs of current times. Possesses critical skills in communication, composure, teamwork, computer literacy, friendliness, organization, problem-solving, and sales. Having worked with teams within the learning environment, your ability to adapt easily and integrate is needed. Also, you can bring in creative, analytical, and customer service skills, which are necessary for solving problems experienced at the hotel front office during the COVID-19 period.

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