Group Decision Making and Self-Directed Teams

The definition of group decision-making implies discussing a specific problem among a group of individuals and finding the most appropriate solution and decision for it collectively. In the context of present-day developments, this approach appears to be an integral part of any successful company operation. It should be mentioned that this method is associated with both advantages and some weak points.

As for the strengths of group decision-making, it allows applying the strategy of brainstorming effectively. Each member of a team is capable of introducing theirown opinion, so the diversity of ideas and views becomes possible. Therefore, the likelihood of creating a sufficient solution is high. In addition, it is evident that each member of a team has different strong qualities, specializations, and experiences in their professional activities. Thus, group decision-making involves more comprehensive outcomes compared to resolving situations independently.

Despite all the benefits, there are some weak points of this approach. Occasionally, discussion of numerous ideas and listening to multiple opinions lead to significant time consumption. Furthermore, in some cases, the fact that each team member has their own perspective may result in conflicts and misunderstanding. Another threat regards the fact that while adhering to group decision-making, some leaders are not willing to perform their responsibilities.

In this context, self-directed teams may lead to a higher level of performance and communication. This method may compensate for the aforementioned disadvantages of the group making decisions, as it implies division of specializations between team members. Therefore, the discussion appears to be more rational, as each participant has precise responsibilities. In addition, it is possible to combine different strengths of employees and achieve the best results. For this reason, self-directed teams are considered to be a more appropriate approach for decision-making.

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