Powley Publishing Firm’s Recruitment and Selection Issues

Human resource management deals with the issues affecting employees in an organization. They manage workers to accomplish the comprehensive achievement of company objectives. Conventionally, a firm’s goals are to realize maximum productivity while reducing costs, increase the market command within their niche, and expand to new branches. Top management of almost all corporations entrusts the Human Resource Manager with finding the right persons to achieve the set goals.

The HR manager’s underperformances have detrimental consequences, such as ending a business into unending problems, poor yields, and qualified employees’ exit. The selection of candidates to fill positions relies on the job design, analysis, planning, and distinguished recruitment procedures. The case of Powley Publishing reflects a problem with the processes mentioned above, evident from the incomplete performance, exit of Bill after one year, and resignation of two skillful editors. Several errors in the selection process led to the issues above.

First, the HR department seemed to ignore the considerable skills needed for the job. The individual chosen for the position did not add value to the firm by increasing new subscribers, bringing in new talented writers, promoting circulations, and adding more readership. The considerations that various firm members had before hiring a new director were vital for the continued success and improvement of the business. These included interpersonal relationships, creativity, and familiarity with the industry, as noted by Gode. As exhibited, Bill achieved none of these. Evidently, the screening of the candidates before proceeding to the interview stage had an error. The HR department ignored the views of all the stakeholders inthe process.

For better practice, the HR manager should know the businesses they lead, their pillars to success, and effective ways of achieving them. According to Olson et al., this will equip them with the job requirements when hiring individuals to fill vacancies. Sutherland and Woke affirmed that revisiting all the needs of a job before hiring individual aims to align the capabilities and the demands of the job. This was not the case for Powley Printing firm. Additionally, the recruitment process has various options to choose from, including internal promotions of skilled individuals. Though it may have its shortcomings, an internal upgrade works best if the individual chosen for the position understands the business. The effective utilization of all these options leads to achieving a significant portion of the objectives.

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