Shell Oman’s Competitionin the International Market


Control over energy resource consumption based on blockchain technologies has become widespread in the international context of the company’s activities. The information obtained from the counters is compared with the data entered into smart contracts. Reliable to advance, the new approach that transforms Shell is digitalization. Big data and advanced technologies are applied in engineers’ work to improve performance and increase production.

For instance, industrial tools are secured with software and sensors connected wirelessly. These technologies implement live records, accompanied by digital commands Consequently, it improves the decision-making process and performance efficiency. Moreover, Jaap van Dijk, a control and automation engineer for Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), emphasized that Shell focuses on a digital operating way. Thus, digitalization serves Shell Oman’s competitiveness within the global market.

Road to Net-Zero Emissions

Concerning another objective, Shell has made a voluntary commitment to become a clean energy business. The company aims to achieve net-zero emissions from its products by 2050. It concerns operating activities and the usage of energy resources by the company. Moreover, the company will aim to reduce its energy products’ carbon content by 100% by 2050, with an intermediate target of 30% by 2035.

Therefore, Shell needs to market more products with lower carbon intensity, such as renewable energy, biofuels, and hydrogen. The company’s commitment to zero carbon footprint relies on society’s intentions of limiting the average temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Thus, Shell promotes environmental responsibility by referring to global tendencies and emerging issues.

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