Responsibilities of the Police Officer

The first police to reach a scene of the crime can be equated to the “primary official responder”. He plays a significant role in the criminal context. He determines the course and results of the research process. He or she needs to handle the scene in an appropriate manner to protect all forms of data. The officer’s actions can dictate the course of subsequent measures to be taken in the investigation of the crime. He acts as the primary care and decision taker who preserves critical data that can provide a basis for the investigation of a felony. The opinions of the first police officer at a crime scene make a strong impact on the outcomes of the investigations. Many crimes would be unresolved if the first police responder made the wrong decisions. He holds many duties at the scene of the crime.

The initial task of the first police responder is to ensure the wellbeing and safety of persons present at the scene. This aspect becomes significant as it assures self-protection for the officer and persons at the crime scene. The officer cannot act in his own capacity. His main obligation remains the security of the scene of the crime and its immediate environs. The second duty of the officer is to safeguard the injured and arrange for their hospitalization. The officer needs to take the initiative to call medical personnel to the scene. This fact helps in saving the lives of possible victims. The officer may declare the death of persons, if any.

Once the officer attends to all persons in the scene, he may then initiate the process of crime investigation. The officer may secure the scene of the crime by demarcating it and moving all persons away from the area. He may plan how to access the victims without tampering with evidence. The officer must record all notable evidence in a notebook. This aspect may be difficult in a chaotic crime scene. However, making records in a crime scene can be significant as the accounts usually serve as the first forms of the definitive chronology of the proceedings. The officer needs to indicate what he sees in terms of persons present and all actions. In conclusion, the officer’s responsibilities range from ensuring the safety of persons and securing the scene to recording and preserving evidence.

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