Ideal Ethical Criminal Justice Organization

There are many perspectives on what constitutes an ideal ethical organization. Some business scholars tend to concentrate on failures in ethical behavior. In addition, extreme instances of corporate misbehavior, and the procedures that cause negative phenomena may deploy to pin down unethical conduct. Although such a view offers useful insights into organizational ethics, the diminution or the exclusion of unethical practices is not adequate to set down an ethical organization entity (Butts, 2009). This essay explores the concept of ideal ethical organizations with special reference to criminal justice organizations. Among the elements that will be discussed include the characteristics of leadership in such an organization, training, and leadership. The scope of the essay will also include ways of coming up with such an organization in case the existing one is rife with corruption (Pollock, 2011).

There are many theories that have been put forth to explain why people act unethically. These contributions have come from biologists, philosophers, psychologists, sociologists, and criminologists. Some of the theories include the biological theory, Kohlberg’s theory of moral stages among others (Butts, 2009).

An organization can be perceived as a person since it acts as a moral agent that can be held responsible for its actions. However, organizational ethics are centered on the choices of the individual and the organization. As such, organizational ethics are an inclusive concept that entails not only culture and trust, but also processes, outcomes and character. It shows a manner of action, but not a code of practice. It is at the heart, pumping blood that perfuses the whole organization with a common sense of purpose and a shared set of values. In essence, organizational ethics not only incorporate organizational beliefs but also trust, which are desired values in every leadership of an entity. Such entity seeks to establish itself, and more specifically, for an entity mandated to advance justice to humanity.

An ideal criminal justice system should be one that seeks to promote human dignity, while ethics being an integral part. The top management should execute justice in a very transparent manner while upholding the full contents of ethics. Compliance programs intended to shun unlawful behavior and to advance the aspect of harmony and the rule of law should be imposed (Pollock, 2011). Communication skills and effective feedback mechanisms are essential in the organization.

Participation of employees should be encouraged, as well as proper planning on the delivery of justice. A culture of impunity should never be encouraged or promoted. This is mostly applicable when one desires to make an overhaul from an otherwise corruption-studded organization. Determination on the side of the leadership must be evident coupled with courage and desire to succeed. Criminal justice organization is not the same as business organization or any other. However, when it comes to an overhaul the same qualities that bring about a positive change to any of them do apply (Butts, 2009).

A policy that does not favor corruption can be formulated and implemented. It will assist in driving the vice and pave way for more reforms, both to employees and the top leaders in such an organization. Ethical awareness programs will also be of immense importance in the transition period from corruption to a non-corruption entity. Lastly, coming up with an ideal vision, defining values to support the vision, and creating a healthy environment, would play a major role in facilitating the desired change(s) (Pollock, 2011).


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