Bill C-78 of Ontario

Bill C-78 in Ontario is changing the ideas revolving around child support. Men’s groups are currently lobbying for equal parenting and custody opportunities. Although currently there is no presumption, the notion of equal parenting presents both pros and cons. The first advantage is that both parents will get enough time to interact with their children and support them accordingly. Secondly, the successful passage of the proposal will ensure that more children receive adequate support. This means that they will eventually achieve their goals in life. Thirdly, instances of alienation will decrease significantly and address most of the challenges associated with it, including poor development and psychological trauma in adulthood.

The first disadvantage is that the level of confusion for the targeted child will rise. Secondly, the child will be unable to develop a positive purpose in life. Thirdly, conflicts that require litigation might arise between the parents. The result is that the parents will not meet the needs of the affected children.

When it comes to a parenting plan, it is appropriate for policymakers to consider the issue of days vs. hours carefully. The most appropriate method is that of counting days to determine the amount of time each parent has with the child (or children). With the use of days, it can be possible to reach the required standard of 40 percent shared parenting.

Days are easier to account for. The child will also get the required time or period to interact with each parent. Such a model will continue to meet the child’s needs without affecting his or her goals in life. There is also a need to implement powerful plans to ensure that both parents collaborate until the targeted child reaches the age of eighteen.

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