Recipient Monies in a Child Support

According to existing laws, the recipient of monies for child support can use them in any way they want. This means that there is no accountability to ensure that all resources meet the child’s needs. This should not be the case since the purpose of such monies is to support the targeted child’s welfare. This means that there is a need for better policies and guidelines whereby recipients account for the acquired resources or funds.

This effort can also reduce the number of cases that require child support. This is true since many people will be unable to use the current loophole to address their personal needs. Another issue to consider is that of retroactive child support. This is a scenario whereby the access parent is compelled to provide a given amount of money for child support from the day when such reimbursements were required. This is something fair since it ensures that there is equality in the manner in which the needs of the targeted child are met. Such a practice can also encourage more people to pay for upkeep and child support even before the issue is presented before a child welfare court.

Another subject that different stakeholders have been considering is the time when child support should end. Currently, child support ceases after the targeted individuals become adults. In many countries, children are treated as mature citizens after attaining the age of eighteen. However, there is a need to change the law in an attempt to ensure that the educational needs of persons above the age of eighteen are met. However, the involvement and understanding of both parents are essential to minimize opportunistic ideas or decisions.

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