Child Support Guidelines of Ontario

Existing Child Support Guidelines (CSGs) empower different parties in Ontario to address the issue of child welfare or upkeep effectively. Stakeholders consider domestic contracts whereby different parties involved in child custody agree on the contributable amount of money.

Most of the cases recorded in Canada explain why there is a need for those involved to make CSGs the norm. The reason for this is that it presents evidence-based ideas and procedures that will ensure that the needs of the child are met. Although domestic contrasts appear to be effective in different cases, some individuals might become elusive and fail to provide the stipulated contributions for child support. The use of CSG will minimize such issues and empower the greatest number of children in need of support.

It is also agreeable that the CSG model is capable of addressing the challenges many children in troubled relationships might face. It has several benefits or advantages that make it applicable in a wide range of cases. The first one is that it provides the best mechanisms to ensure that all children receive adequate financial support. The second advantage is that it reduces the chances of the recipient taking advantage of the access parent. It also increases the level of accountability.

On the other hand, it presents several disadvantages that affect the involved parties. The first one is that it can result in a situation whereby someone is forced to make payments that are beyond his or her reach. The second one is that the recipient might use the funds for personal gains. Thirdly, the model can discourage the access parent from providing adequate emotional support to the child.

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