Intrapreneurship in Modern Organizations

Modern organizations are functioning in a highly competitive environment where technologies and innovation lead to advancement and provide opportunities for competitive advantage. With higher business standards and more challenges to overcome on the way to excellent performance and profitable operation, organizations strive to find new management approaches and leadership styles. Most importantly, the most valuable asset in such business circumstances is talent, which is best utilized through the framework of intrapreneurship. This term might be defined as the initiation of entrepreneurial behavior in employees inside the existing organization. It allows for freedom of project choice, talent application, innovative solutions, and the lack of being limited to the available resources. Using intrapreneurship, companies can provide their employees to think outside the box and use their skills and creativity to find innovative solutions through the creation of enterprises inside the organization.

When enforcing intrapreneurship in an organization, the leadership commonly creates favorable conditions that allow for intrapreneurs’ opportunities for decision-making. In particular, an essential role in creating intrapreneurial conditions is devoted to the talent recruitment process. Companies embracing the intrapreneurship idea do not impose position descriptions and job duties but rather try to identify talent and skills in potential candidates and fit them according to the company’s needs. Furthermore, in order to encourage intrapreneurial behavior in the company, specific time might be allocated to employees for their work on the projects of their preference. In a similar manner, whole departments might be created to provide managers with intrapreneurial opportunities that would yield developmental and growth results for the organization. Overall, to ensure the effectiveness of intrapreneurship, it should be encouraged and rewarded. It will allow for a more significant share of talent directed at innovation and bold decision-making, which are crucial in the contemporary markets.

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