Legal Terms Associated With Digital Marketing

Use of cookies

These are small text files stored by a browser whenever a person visits a specific website. For example, online stores such as Amazon and eBay use cookies to store items in your shopping cart. Cookies enable businesses to identify customers’ preferences and direct them to relevant products or services.

Privacy statements

This is a legal document that explains how a business or website collects, processes, and stores consumer and victors’ data. For example, Facebook describes how users’ data is applied in recommending content. Privacy statements assure customers that their data will not be divulged, instilling confidence in consumers, which ultimately leads to growth in sales as more clients are inclined to work with your business.

Terms and conditions

This is a contract agreement between a business and website users. This document defines rules that users should agree to and adhere to whenever using an app like Facebook. They allow businesses to define what they offer and how they will meet consumers’ needs, reducing risks against customers’ unmet expectations.

It is a policy that prevents people from using others’ ideas and stipulates penalties for breaching rules. For example, anyone looking to re-use a graphic or a page from a book should contact the author/publisher for permission. Copyright statements protect businesses’ digital content against theft and misuse.


Companies are legally required to inform users about personal data, information collection, cookies usage, and privacy-related issues on the website. For example, a website could have this disclaimer informing clients that they do not store passwords. Disclaimers help ensure information shared by a business is not misleading and protects a business against customers’ complaints.

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