Improving Service Responsiveness and Delivery Efficiency

Marketing services are a distinct form of product promotion used by many successful organizations. It relates to meeting specific consumer desires to ensure contentment. Even though no business deal can be categorized as a pure product or service, one aspect still reigns supreme. Customer satisfaction, in this case, relies on how the shop manager will ensure that a better store experience, reasonable length of time is spent waiting, widespread attention given to the car repair process, and improved service.

Possible ways to enhance service quality include:

  • Offering a test drive or quick check when the client is still around to identify the problem before parking the car in the garage
  • Allowing regular input from customers to reduce uncertainty
  • Providing consumers with feedback when they leave their cars in the garage to make them feel more secure and thereby improve flexibility
  • Increasing customer engagement to improve the relationships
  • The dealership may set up television for customers to watch as they wait and refreshments such as water, juice, coffee, or tea, and a comfortable waiting room

The store would be able to solve some of the issues associated with service marketing by doing the following:

  • Tangibility: Unlike products, services are intangible, which means they cannot be touched, tasted, or seen. To solve some of the intangibility problems, the manager should emphasize the value they provide. The store could claim to be the “county’s most trusted mechanics shop.”
  • Separability: Services are inseparable, which means that the output and usage are inextricably linked. Customers seldom have the chance to test out service until purchasing it due to inseparability. One way for the mechanic’s shop to deal with inseparability issues is to provide a referral program that allows clients to tell their friends about the service ahead of time.
  • Variability: Since humans deliver services, they are subject to variation. Training receptionists and others to welcome each customer and maintain a high quality of service is one way the mechanic’s shop can solve this variability.
  • Perishability: Since services cannot be saved for further use, they are perishable. One way to deal with this is to balance consumer requests for flexible hours with an adequate workforce.
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