Intrapreneurship Forms in the Arab Open University

While there are several different forms of intrapreneurship used in modern organizations, some of them are more fitted for the purposes of educational organizations than others. Overall, the encouragement of entrepreneurs within a company provides security for the employees engaged in innovation since the losses are covered by the organization that strives to increase its efficiency and economic gains through intrapreneurship. Since the education sector is transforming from a classic university providing academic services into a separate business segment, the use of intrapreneurship might be a source of healthy competition. It is a tool that is capable of boosting innovation implementation in science and academia at large.

In the case of AOU, the best form of intrapreneurship that would stimulate innovation in its academic activities might be a spin-off. This approach allows for establishing a separate department in the form of a new enterprise, on the basis of which scientific discoveries and research might be initiated. The process of generating spin-offs on the basis of AOU would engage students, graduates, and faculty members in a range of progress-aimed academic activities facilitated by the university. Being a so-called hosting organization, AOU would provide the resources for the spin-offs’ activities and innovative solution implementation, while the talent engaged in the operations of the spin-offs would craft new and effective solutions. In such a manner, the number of workplaces will be increased, which will improve the employment rate of students. Moreover, the opportunity to be engaged with the spin-off would produce an offer of talent among the students of the university. Indeed, the chance to be employed at a spin-off might be used to the encouragement of creativity and innovative academic life for students at AOU.

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