How American Indians and Mexicans Endured Conquest

In the American continent, one of the most critical conquests was the fight of white Americans against Mexicans and American Indians. While Mexicans endured the conquest of their Southwest territories, Indians were forced to cede their lands to the federal government. These annexations were made because of resources that were crucial for the development of the American economy. Such cruel actions also helped white Americans to create a massive influx of cheap laborers. American actions in the 19th century present the picture of great racism and violence against minorities. Therefore, the actions of white Americans in the 19th century should be put under detailed scrutiny.

The Indians were the group of the population whose territories, which they occupied for a long time, were captured by the American troops. The main figure here is Andrew Jackson, the 7th president of the US, who actively participated in actions against native Indians. Takaki argues that Andrew Jackson during his presidency made seventy thousand Indians move from their homes and forced them to move west of the Mississippi River.” The reason for the military actions against Indians was the development of American cotton export. According to Tanaki, the territories of Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana, which were the lands of Indians, were acquired by Americans through a series of negotiations with Indian tribes. The native population of the Mississippi River, Choctaws, formally were not required to leave these lands. The Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, signed in 1830, indicated that Native citizens needed to make registration to stay there and receive a land grant near the Mississippi River. However, Tanaki admits that any Choctaw who stood against the federal government was subjected to a thousand-dollar fine and a year in prison. Even if Choctaws disagreed approve the federal demands, Americans threatened to use force against them. Therefore, Indians were one of the most repressed nations in America.

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