Autism Spectrum Disorder


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental and neurocognitive disorder that implies impairment symptoms in social interaction and communication and restricted, repetitive patterns of behaviors, interests, and activities. The reasons for this disorder were earlier considered to be a combination of poor parenting and biological factors, but later it was discovered that genetics and biological factors are the only predispositions for ASD. This paper aims to analyze the cases of two people who were diagnosed with ASD.

Typical Early Behaviors

In the presented cases of Richard and Doctor temple, both people share similar symptoms characteristics of ASD. For instance, both Doctor Temple in her childhood and Richard were interested in particular details of objects without engaging in the imaginative games. Richard enjoyed looking at his miniature car, and Grandin Temple liked to watch the send running through her fingers (Nolen-Hoeksema, 2020). Besides, both Grandin and Richard had communication problems; Doctor Temple later admitted that she had to strive to understand the sense of her classmates’ interactions, and Richard showed no interest in interactions with his parents or caregivers.

Developments in Understanding ASD

Since Grandin Temple was a child, science moved forward in understanding autism which was given the name Autism Spectrum Disorder. For example, it was discovered that this mental disorder is purely biological, and such factors as poor parenting do not determine its occurrence.

Besides, new approaches to coping with the problem were developed, such as behavioral therapy, which proved highly effective. During the times of Grandin Temple’s childhood, scientists did not know much about the issue. However, now it is mainly studied from a neurobiological perspective. Besides, the parental support and the support of teachers who work in special or mainstream schools are decisive factors. Noteworthy, most children who receive proper treatment starting from an early age are highly likely to be a close-to-normal or normal socialized life.

Thus, the cases of Grandin Temple and Richard, who were diagnosed with ASD, were analyzed. Both Grandin Temple in her early ages and Richard showed similar symptoms of lack of interest in other people and increased focus on details of their surroundings. During the last several decades, science moved forward in understanding ASD. The emphasis is now placed on neurobiological factors and behavior, which means that young and older children with ASD receive pill treatment together with behavioral therapy.


Nolen-Hoeksema, S. (2020). Abnormal psychology (8th ed.). McGraw-Hill.

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