Values Contributing to Worldview and Philosophy of Nursing

The personal values that give worldview and philosophy of nursing are the beliefs that it is an essential part of a nurse’s life. The nursing profession is all-inclusive, self-directed, and cooperative. It involves caring for all persons, regardless of their age, gender, race, or ethnicity, and it happens everywhere. This perception allows a nurse to consider all spiritual, mental, and physical aspects while preparing for practice. It makes it possible to learn, think rationally and make the right decisions in evaluating and providing nursing care. According to Reed & Shearer (2009), cultural values are standards that people commit themselves to. For instance, the principles of nursing in the U.S. are rooted in the beliefs of American culture, which emphasize independence and individualism.

The cultural view of particular ailments determines a personal view of the nursing profession. If people treat others with care and compassion in society, the healing process would be short. Generally, the kind of cultural beliefs that people have towards the sick directly influences how they deal with diseases. Care and compassion are very important factors influencing the process of recovery of an ailing person. Therefore, they should be part of cultural values in all communities to enable the provision of good healthcare to sick people. This perception allows nurses to handle sick people with care and kindness to reduce recovery time. Showing compassion, care, and kindness improve mutual communication between medics and patients. Essentially, it is this view that supports acceptance of certain life-threatening infections like HIV/AIDS.

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