Nursing Research and Development of Clinical Skills

Nursing research has been a vital practice towards revolutionizing the nature of healthcare. Nurses Practitioners (NPs) who undertake various researches acquire new evidence-based skills that can be used to support the health needs of many patients. Nursing research identifies innovative practices and theoretical applications for improving the quality of care. The targeted research findings can be used to improve the nature of medical care. Different results become evidence-based models for delivering appropriate care to more patients. Nurses are also “encouraged to engage in life-long learning.” This kind of practice will equip such nurses with theoretical concepts that can support their clinical skills. As well, such practitioners will be ready to improve their competencies. The practice will eventually deliver competent care to the targeted patients.

Mantzoukas (2008) believes that “nursing should be an evidence-based practice.” Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and caregivers should embrace new concepts from various research findings. Such practitioners will “acquire new communication, decision-making, and problem-solving skills.” The caregivers will also embrace new talents in nursing. They will promote the best practices, such as accountability and dedication. They will constantly embrace the use of modern informatics in order to improve the quality of nursing care. Nursing research, therefore, equips caregivers with new models and concepts that can result in professionalism. Nurses will also support the concept of patient advocacy in order to get the best outcomes. Finally, nursing research will ensure new concepts are availed to every medical practitioner. The approach will increase the level of professionalism and eventually support the health needs of more patients.

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