A Consumer of Nursing Research

Mantzoukas defines nursing research as “the systematic inquiry aimed at developing useful skills that can support the needs of nurses, patients, Nurse Administrators (NAs), and caregivers”. This definition explains why many people are potential consumers of nursing research. Nursing research has also become a critical field in many countries. The practice has the potential to offer a wide range of experiences, concepts, and skills that can transform the health outcomes of many populations. Mantzoukas believes that “the consumers of nursing research include individuals who can benefit the most from the ideas obtained from new studies.” Nurses are NAs who will acquire new skills that will support their competencies. Such individuals will eventually become competent providers of evidence-based nursing support.

Academicians and curriculum developers will also acquire new concepts that can support the changing health needs of different populations. The government is also a potential consumer of this research. The government can use the gathered information to formulate applicable nursing policies. Different administrators and health managers (HMs) can also “use every new skill to improve the science of nursing care.” Such individuals will embrace new practices and approaches that can eventually support the changing health needs of many patients. The wider public can also consume nursing research. Parents, families, and communities will acquire new self-care practices from nursing research. They will “use the acquired knowledge to improve their lifestyles, engage in exercises, and seek immediate medical support whenever there is the need.”

That being the case, nursing research is consumed by many individuals in different healthcare settings. Practitioners, patients, and policymakers can benefit significantly from various research findings. Such implementations will eventually improve the nature of the medical practice.

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