Preventive Health Care Services and Their Financing

There is no use denying the fact that a coherent society takes human life as the greatest value. That is why the modern healthcare system has achieved great progress. It helps people to live longer and more happily, curing complex diseases and helping people to live with some severe disabilities. Significant sums are spent every year in order to finance illness health care. However, the number of people who become sick does not reduce. That is why the question of the efficiency of the existing healthcare system and its financing appears. Under these conditions, it should be said that the decision to give the same even bigger part of funds to the development of preventive health care services seems to be an ideal solution. There are several reasons for this statement.

First of all, it should be said that it is easier to prevent some illnesses than to cure them. Additionally, some diseases have severe complications that cannot be cured and change the life of a person totally. That is why the attempt to prevent this disease seems to be more logical. Additionally, if a person becomes sick, he/she should be examined at the hospital, and he/she has to stay there. Some extra spending is needed to guarantee a comfortable environment for a patient. That is why it is possible to say that by financing preventive health care services at the same level as illness health care, a state will be able to promote the improvement of the health of the nation and, moreover, can save some extra money, which can be devoted to investigations in the sphere of medicine. That is why the attempt to prevent illnesses seems to be rather a logical choice.

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