Nursing Research Difference From the of Other Disciplines

Nursing research has specific differences from other disciplines. To begin with, nursing research is “always committed to rigorous scientific inquiry in order to acquire new competencies and practices that can advance nursing practice”. The other disciplines do not necessarily require such inquiries. The research also identifies new concepts that can reshape different health policies and support the goals of many patients. The other disciplines may focus on new understandings that might not influence different policies. Professionals in nursing should follow strict policies in order to facilitate useful scientific inquiries. Research in other disciplines can also be executed by non-professionals. Unlike other disciplines, evidence-based ideas and practices must be embraced in nursing.

Nursing research should also be monitored by different agencies. Nurse researchers must focus on specific policy directives in order to improve the quality of every patient’s life. Most of the other disciplines do not require such policy directives. More often than not, nursing research will focus on human subjects. This fact explains why researchers should embrace the best ethical principles.

The other fields may not focus on human subjects. Nursing research should also “focus on different aspects of scientific inquiry.” Clinical research should, therefore, “be based on health systems and medical education.” Mantzoukas (2008) explains why nursing research should identify various practices that can promote the lifestyles of many individuals. The researchers should also act in a professional manner in order to produce the best results. These aspects explain why clinical researchers should commit themselves to promoting professional practice.

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