Terms Significant to Arkansas Politics and Policy

Federalism is a system of government presupposing that the territory is controlled by the national government and the smaller political subdivisions. For Arkansas, it means that the state can resolve its issues; however, the federal government’s recommendations are also vital and should be followed to avoid conflicts and possible complications. Arkansas views it as part of the USA, and federalism is an important concept for the state.

Reconstruction is the period after the Civil War and characterized by the attempts to reintegrate the Southern states and 4 million people into the USA. For Arkansas, it was a turbulent period because Republicans attempted to introduce radical changes. Black people were included in governments in an attempt to empower abolishment movements. However, in 1874, voters elected a Democratic governor and regained control of the legislature by Democrats.

The Constitution of 1874 is the act created in the State of Arkansas and adopted by the convention assembled at Little Rock on July 14th, 1874. It was focused on limiting the power of the state government and giving Arkansas citizens more control over public officials. Additionally, it tried to struggle with corruption and its negative consequences.

The 1968 Election in Arkansas happened on November 5th, 1968. It was part of the USA presidential election. The local voters supported the independent candidate George Wallace, while Democrat Humphrey acquired the lowest votes. It is a significant event in the history of the state as it shows that Arkansas started to alter its attitude to the party and focus on other candidates, who focused on issues vital for the local people, their interests, and their desires.

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