Events During the 1960s Civil Rights Movement

The Civil Rights movement has many events and persons deserving close attention and thorough examination. Unquestionably, the first events include the brutal murder of 14-year-old Emmett Till in Mississippi and the Montgomery Bus Boycott, which became the starting point of the movement. In this regard, it is relevant to demonstrate a photo of Till’s disfigured body and the most striking photos of the Bus Boycott that ceased racial segregation in public transportation. The documentary also would mention the Albany movement, during which Martin King chose imprisonment for 45 days. It is also appropriate to discuss why the coalition disintegrated after the year of activity. In addition, the documentary would depict the Chicago Freedom Movement protesting against the racial limitation in education, housing, employment, and healthcare.

Regarding remarkable individuals, I would like to invite Anne Moody to write a book “Coming of Age in Mississippi” and take an active part in the movement. I also would like to interview Rosa Parks, who played a central role in the Montgomery bus boycott, as well as Stokely Carmichael and Malcolm X. In particular, it is useful to discuss disagreements between Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, which unfavorably contributed to the Civil Rights movement.

The reasons for this movement were evident: the presence of extensive segregation on the race basis in all states and the trample of fundamental human rights could not be ignored anymore. Millions of black Americans strived to gain opportunities for a decent education, job, house, and realizing personal potential. In his regard, the movement managed to shake the status quo and initiate essential social changes, primarily regarding valuing minorities and their contributions. Nevertheless, economic discrimination and vast poverty among blacks remained prevalent in society.

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