Team Read Program and Improving Academic Results

Craig McCaw, his wife Susan, and the Seattle school superintendent Stanford McCaw initiated the Team Read program because they believed that all students deserved to be readers. The initiative targets the poor, underprivileged students who have difficulties reading, affecting their overall performance in school. Therefore, analyzing the Read Team program’s structure and organization will help determine its impact on society. Besides, it is necessary to determine whether the goals and techniques used by the coordinators are appropriate and help them improve their academics. Thus, it is essential to evaluate the efficacy of the Team Read program management structure and determine if it improves the overall academic performance of vulnerable students.

The Team Read engages in two sessions per week to ensure that they actively influence the overall performance of their participants at the end of the school year. However, it is not clear if the frequency and interval of classes is enough for the students. Therefore, the number of schools joining the program will indicate its acceptance at the community level.

Previously, the program had faced disappointments from another program that engaged their students but left halfway without accomplishing the initiative’s objectives. Furthermore, the program has disciplinary measures that ensure that the participants take the program seriously and achieve their goals at the end of the school year.

The coordinators and volunteers support the program by ensuring that the coaches and the readers effectively utilize the allocated time through the reading practice. But, is it not clear if the number of coordinators per site influences the smooth running of the activities? Thus, the question about the organizational structure helps to capture the optimal number of employees that will help the program achieve its objectives. For instance, the Team Read program has one site coordinator in every enrolled school who conducts on-site training, keeps records after the reading sessions, prepares for sessions in schools, and models practical tutoring skills for the coaches to ease the mentoring process. It is essential to evaluate whether the availability of an instructor at every site helps the initiative to achieve its goals.

The Team Read program is a successful project because it helps the teachers, student readers, and other school representatives overcome the reading challenges. Still, it is essential to evaluate the role of its organization in achieving its success. Whether the structure and organization of the Team Read program correctly align with the vulnerable students’ needs and help them improve in academics is relevant because it captures all the success determiners, including the success of students and facilitators. Besides, the question helps guide the minimum number of employees that can deliver quality services to the students.

Therefore, evaluating the structure and organization of the Team Read program, including its power to address the student’s need and help them to improve in academics, help to address the relevant question of success and efficiency of the Read Team Program.

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