Pedagogical and Andragogical Learner Comparison

The nature of pedagogy and andragogy presents two types of learners with unique attributes and characteristics. First, the pedagogical learner will depend on the instructor or teacher to achieve the intended learning aims while the andragogical student depends on the self. The pedagogical learner will collaborate with the educator to ensure that timely outcomes are realized. For the andragogical learner, the individual will engage in continuous self-direction and re-evaluation while at the same time remaining in full control of the entire process. The andragogical student will mostly be focused on the process.

Second, the pedagogical student is someone who does not have adequate experience of life. He or she presents a blank mind, thereby making the instructor a person of great influence. For the andragogical learner, adequate experiences in life form the basis of the entire process. The instructor will be relying on the learner’s knowledge to provide personalized content and ensure that positive results are eventually recorded. Unlike the pedagogical learners, those in an andragogical class will be ready and willing to learn new concepts or ideas from each other.

Third, the pedagogical learner would be expected to complete one step before he or she can progress to the next. The educator will be keen to ensure that the acquired content resonates with the student’s scope of understanding and knowledge. On the other hand, an andragogical learner might not be in need of a specific instructor and the process does not give room for advancing to another level or topic.

Throughout the educational process, the instructor and the student will be focusing on the best ways to fill the outstanding gaps and eventually ensure that positive results are recorded. Educators should, therefore, be aware of these key differences and consider some of the best approaches to provide the relevant instructions and eventually ensure that the beneficiaries achieve their maximize potential.

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