Andragogy Term Definition

Andragogy is a teaching model and strategy aimed at meeting the educational demands of mature learners. This concept could be considered as holistic because it entails the application of science and promotion of practice to empower adults. The consideration of the process is necessary in an effort to improve the process ad ensure that such individuals are engaged. Throughout the learning process, a humanistic model is usually considered to facilitate the entire process using practical and theoretical approaches. The outlined assumptions of andragogy help booth the educator and the adult learner to record positive outcomes.

This concept could be studied as one that follows a scientific stream of inquiry. The first reason is that the process is founded on a theoretical approach whereby educators and focus on the unique needs of every learner. The second one is that it has unique assumptions that teachers consider to make the learning process smooth and motivate the targeted individuals. Professionals in this field can focus on self-taught and self-directed approaches to ensure that positive results are recorded. The concept is pursued in such a way that the participants are ready to consider all aspects, situations, and goals.

Malcolm Knowles, a great researcher who presented the concept of andragogy, can be studied as a propounder. During his time, Knowles was able to analyze and study the science revolving around adult education. He considered some of the best programs and methods that were practical and capable of meeting the demands of more adult learners. He presented propound ideas on how to pursue both informal and formal processes to support the teaching process. These ideas and insights have become the best ideas for meeting the interests and expectation of adult learners.

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