Solutions to Conflict in Washington’s “Industrial Education”

The Industrial Pedagogical Institute in Tuskegee for African Americans was founded, where students received secondary education for future work in the industry. In his speech, Washington stated that “we began teaching wheel righting and blacksmithing in a small way to the men, laundry work, cooking and sewing, and housekeeping to the young women.” He wanted African Americans to become full-fledged members of American society.

Apart from the foundation of the Industrial Pedagogical Institute, many other solutions could be implemented to improve the living conditions of African Americans. For example, allowing interracial marriages and abolishing racial discrimination in public transport would help white people to overcome racism and rejection of African Americans. It was necessary to work on solutions that would fight the policy of racial segregation. Moreover, a good solution would be to expand the economic, social, political, and educational rights of African Americans. All these changes would eventually solve this conflict, but it would take a long time.

Such changes could probably cause a protest from white people who were used to the state of affairs. For many years, racial inequality has been prohibiting African-Americans from even reaching out to a white man. Most white people would likely meet attempts to change the social status of African Americans hostilely as this would violate the usual way of life. Perhaps, the number of crimes committed against African Americans would increase. In general, the changes would not be easy because white people would have to change their views that have been formed for many years.

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