Social Connectedness: Face-to-Face vs. Online

The social connection through the social networking services that include Twitter and Facebook, among others, has increasingly become a very integral and popular part of communication in contemporary society within Australia. Young individuals are the most enthusiastic users, and currently, they spend more time on the Internet than the actual time they spend with their families. There have been several studies carried out to investigate the negative and positive impacts the social connectedness is having on the families as opposed to face-to-face social connection.

Whereas it is true that social connectedness has increasingly brought a number of important benefits that include facilitation of supportive relationships, delivery of the educational outcomes, formation of identity, as well as promotion of a sense of belongingness and self-esteem, among others. Moreover, the sense of belonging and community that is actually fostered by the social connectedness through the Internet has the ability to promote resilience that can help the family members adapt to stressful events and change. However, it cannot be claimed that the Internet can be able to achieve the social connectedness that is achieved through face-to-face social connection. Face-to-face social connectedness is a relationship in itself and therefore encouraged.

The family members or individuals within the society can get to know more about each other as opposed to the use of the Internet. Moreover, the use of the Internet as a means of social connection cannot adequately bring out the emotional aspects involved in the communication process. In essence, the face-to-face social connection should be encouraged so as to bring together members of a family and the community as a whole in trying to maintain the societal identity and bring up the emotional attachments that are involved in social connections.

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