American and Middle Eastern Culture: Urban Theory

Countries in the Middle East are mostly inclined to Islam compared to the US where a large population is inclined to Christianity. This is the main reason why they have different cultures. Religion has a lot to do with culture as it signifies a person’s moral standing in society. There are other factors that may influence culture which include the environment in which the people stay. For instance, when looking at culture, we are also considering the clothing and the type of food that is eaten in such areas. Considering these factors, we find that that there is a difference in the climatic conditions of the two regions which contribute a lot to their cultural values.

The US experiences almost all the climatic seasons which make them a little bit liberal especially when it comes to dressing. This also has to do with the level of exposure; exposure usually comes with high levels of literacy that are being enjoyed by most Americans. Being a developed nation, most of its people have had a chance to travel outside the borders where they had a taste of other cultures. Due to their liberal Christian religion, it becomes easy for them to adopt something new and transfer it back to their countries.

On the other hand, those in the Middle East may not exactly be exposed to similar conditions as their counterparts in the United States. Most countries in the Middle East are still on the verge of development and hence lack the exposure to adopt a different culture. Their inclination to Islam also limits the rate at which they can adapt to change. Most of them are staunch Muslims and are hence not allowed to adopt any culture that is contrary to their Islamic beliefs.

This has a lot of influence on their dressing and the kind of food they eat. The fact that most of the people in the Middle East have not had an opportunity to travel outside their borders makes them even more conservative when it comes to culture. Apart from what they may see on their TV screens and other media of communication, they have little exposure to things that may corrode their culture.

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