Sociology and Interactionist Study on Employment

Sociology is how people interact to surroundings, within groups and organizations. It studies the behavioral attitudes of humans.
Today, we live in a world marked by deep conflicts, tensions and social divisions. A man is affected by psychological, social, physical and sexual aspects. An inter-actionist study depicts all these aspects. Social characteristics include group pressure, authority, prestige and culture. Some of the prominent scientists promoted sociology as a science and structural functionalism. Social arrangements arise and persist because they serve society and its members. The use of symbols also influence, and greatly, our social development and social life.

Take for example one’s place of employment or an organization where one is a member. It is a social arrangement. The employee sees the employer as a life saver as the institution where he or she works happens to be the bread and butter of one’s life. Here, one learns by oneself how to react to an employer. Different racial groups live in harmony in a situation where enough work exists for all groups to earn a decent living. Sociology faces the challenge of working with human beings and their social groupings because people have rights that limit what we can do with them. Working at a work place can determine what goes on between groups of people. It is then, we observe the social difference.

We have to know what is happening in social institutions and above all, social changes should occur appropriately at the appropriate places. For the world to be, at least a better, if not the best, place to live in, a social understanding among all classes of humans is a vital essentiality. Only some researchers believe that most sociological researches are funded by and disproportionately available to the powerful elites alone. A mans’ understanding of another human being and behaving in the sociological way can create wonders in a society, making the world a sweeter place to live in.

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