Marriage Equality, Prejudice, Discrimination

In her speech in the New York Senate, Senator Savino defended the rights of bisexual couples to marry. She said that the court or the Senate cannot decide which is the quality of someone’s relationship. Otherwise, most marriages would be denied by them, as people often do not even think about the way they are going to live after the marriage. The institute of marriage and family is in a state of crisis. That is why there is nothing to be defended here by the law, as people themselves mostly do not care about each other.

There are bisexual couples that can be envied, as they really love each other and are deeply committed to their partner. Thus, Savino thinks that everyone should have a right to register their relationships, as gender does not influence the quality of relationships. I agree with the senator, as, to my mind, everyone should have a right to register their marriage. If two people love each other and want to spend their life together, they should have an opportunity to do so.

Marriage allows the spouses to inherit the property after the death of the partner. It also gives an opportunity to open joint accounts in a bank, to sue for the spouses’ death, and so on. Thus, marriage is not only a romantic but also a legal act that provides the spouses a range of opportunities. I do not see the reasons why bisexual people cannot have a right to do this if they really trust each other.

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