Musicals in Real Life Episode 4 Analysis

The media is called “Gotta Share! The Musical – Musicals In Real Life, Episode 4.” This work may be defined as a funny video in which a speaker who tries to present an app to the audience is interrupted by an “unexpected” musical. After this speaker asks the mentioned audience to turn their devices off, a man stands up and begins to sing, being accompanied by a number of other singers (Improv Everywhere 00:00:34-00:02:37). It turns out that the speaker himself is involved in the musical, and by the end of the song, he states that it is the end of his time, which causes a laugh (Improv Everywhere 00:02:51-00:02:53). It should be noted that the audience was delighted with the performance, which is evident from intense applause.

It might be assumed that the described media does not have a concrete intended audience. This video may be viewed by anyone – starting from adults who are likely to understand the humor here and realize the idea of the song and ending with children who will simply like the melody. However, given the fact that the video sequence does not contain bright colors or any other attributes that may draw children’s attention substantially, the media seems to aspire to lure the audience that understands the core idea of this ridicule. Thus, ones of the teenage age and up might be an intended audience of Improv Everywhere – a publisher of the video.

The media does not seem to have any commercial purposes in terms of advertisement or promotion. The essential idea is to mock over – in a creative musical manner – a tendency to publish everything via social media, as well as via other tools and apps. Nevertheless, the media is likely to be of an entertaining character, and it does not aim to cause sound discussions regarding the issue.

The musical approach provides the viewer with the opportunity to think about the problem of over-using social media and have some fun during the process. It is visible that the authors’ wanted to entertain the audience in the video with the unexpected musical element.

Given the intended audience and purpose of the media, it may be suggested that these two aspects significantly correlate and align with each other. The absence of a specific intended audience corresponds with the entertaining character of the video. Then, the chosen method of an unexpected musical element also serves as a foundation for the viewer’s entertainment (Improv Everywhere 00:00:34-00:02:37).

The video sequence is simple but of high quality, which, again, allows the audience to enjoy the media effortlessly. To summarize, the discussed work is considerably effective within the scope of its aim and the intended viewers. About 3 million views and the impeccable ratio of likes/dislikes confirm the latter claim.

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