Houston’s and Norman’s Songs for the Mandela Tribute

In “The Greatest Love of All,” Whitney talks of the greatest love of all is to learn to love yourself. It speaks of personal achievement, yet people gathered are speaking for the rights of the public. The theme of this event is demanding the release of Nelson Mandela. Most of the people in the audience would need to hear songs of liberty at such moments. “The Greatest Love of All” is not suitable for the Mandela tribute. Whitney Houston has an excellent vocalist and performs their song with a lot of energy and passion.

She makes an outstanding performance at Wembley Stadium as the audience is seen to be obsessed with her beautiful voice. The audience raises posters written, “Can I dance with you, Whitney?” The crowd raises their hands high, swinging them around during the performance. Whitney ends the concert in style with a good breakdown.

Jessye’s “Amazing Grace” relevance to the Mandela tribute would depend on one’s religion. Christians may find it very relevant as Norman says, “I once was lost but now am found.” They can use that to find hope that Nelson Mandela can be freed from prison. On the other hand, Muslims and other religions that don’t believe in Christ can lack the song’s significance to them to the Mandela tribute.

Jessye Norman has a good voice that captures the attention of the audience. She talks of the grace of God, who has saved a wretch like her. Norman makes the performance with a lot of energy and joy. She gives praise and glory to God for his amazing grace. During her night performance, fireworks are seen to be blowing up the stadium. She ends her performance in style as her vocals flow amazingly.

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