How Immigration Benefited Nations in North America & Europe

Immigration policies employed by different countries are varied, depending on a particular country’s government’s stance toward immigration. As a process, immigration also has a variety of effects on all parts of people’s lives, including social, economic, political, and environmental consequences. The positions and opinions regarding this practice are also mixed, often sparking continuous debates in the political sphere. From my point of view, however, I think that there are certain benefits to immigration that should not be overlooked. While it presents a number of serious issues to overcome for any country that experiences it, the social and moral implications of making immigration more accessible are more important.

I think that immigration should be made legal without any restriction. Depending on a person’s race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, or personal status. While I recognize that such a system would undoubtedly be subject to flaws and corruption, the lives and well-being of people are more important. Immigration is a process often driven by desperation, or a desire to achieve something more in life. Many people come to other countries in hopes of finding better jobs or being able to provide their families with the life they deserve. In some cases, refugees from active war zones or otherwise hostile environments also relocate as a way to ensure their own safety.

I think that any government should place the Wellness and health of people in the world as their top priority. There are certain problems that come with the rise in immigration especially when it is made more accessible to large amounts of people. For example, the influx of immigration makes it easier for employers to find cheap labor making employment for native citizens more difficult. Additionally, housing problems, overpopulation, and criminality also need to be taken into account. For example, the surge of immigration in Germany has increased crime rates in certain areas significantly.

The primary source of the increase came from immigrant on immigrant crime, which stemmed from a larger population occupying the same area with limited access to social support or necessities. However, it should also be said that most of these problems can be mitigated or fully solved with proper government regulation and market control. The main problem of immigration and employment is not that new people are taking away jobs from natives but that companies are able to continuously underpay and exploit a vulnerable population.

By enacting certain protections and giving immigrants more support the government can make sure that their integration is made seamless and that companies are unable to pay them low wages. In cases of low-skilled workers, efforts should be made to support their education and training for any job that will help them survive in a new country. Additionally, regarding housing and overpopulation, local communities and governments can enact a variety of practices to make sure that a large number of people can exist together.

Offering social support and housing to more individuals would drive down the crime rates as people would feel less desperate and also give them a place to live in. With the introduction of proper social support and regulation, most of the problems concerning immigration can be either limited gated, or eradicated completely. In regards to the benefits immigrants bring, the influx of people stimulates the economy, gives it a larger workforce, and also allows the country to be more culturally diverse and open.

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