Religious Impact on Perception of Climate Change

Religions and beliefs played a significant role in the history of humanity and they still have considerable influence on society. Even though religion often appears to be opposed to science, it may not always be accurate. As science developed rapidly, forming a society and changing lifestyles, faith has also undergone various transformations. Religion may not exclusively prevent people from accepting science, as it majorly depends on the person and the interpretation.

Many religions had to interpret their values and sacred scriptures in new ways in order to comply with the reality discovered by science. People of belief are often highly involved in scientific research, and Katerine Hayhoe represents a prime example. Therefore, rejecting the reality of climate change because of religious beliefs may not be much different from rejecting it for any other reasons. However, it may be crucial to use a specific approach, which is ethically correct and hence effective to educate faithful people about the importance of environmental issues.

The issue of climate change may appear to be extremely controversial and complicated. The reason behind that is the fact that environmental changes have both dependence and influence on humanity. The issue is interdependent with all aspects of human lives, including social, economic, and even political spheres.

Conservative political values do not affect my willingness to accept climate change, yet they have an impact on the evaluation of possible solutions. Even though there undoubtedly are emerging environmental problems, it may be impossible to solve them instantly. There is, for example, an established electrical power system, which may be harmful to the environment, yet vital for people who cannot afford higher electricity costs. It may be necessary to not only acknowledge the problem of climate change but to develop a proper gradual approach to its minimization, taking political, social, and economic elements into consideration.

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