Judaism’s Creed, Code of Ethics and Most Important Ceremony

Monotheism, or the belief in one God, is a fundamental principle in Judaism. God is omnipotent, holy, and sacred – these are the qualities of divine transcendence. God is also benevolent, and as he walks among people, he sees and hears everything. Another part of the Jewish creed is that God seeks justice in everything, and he asks for responsibility and accountability from its creation, from people. God does not exist apart from society in another realm; he is the maker of everything.

Jewish ethics are explained in the Ten Commandments, which are part of the Torah, a Jewish religious book. The first three commandments teach Jews how to respect and serve God, and the other seven teach how to treat people around one. The Ten Commandments were rewarded to Moses after he rescued Jews from slavery. Jewish ethics also come from the words of the Classical Prophets. They are there in case Jewish people forget to properly respect God and their neighbors according to their moral set of rules.

There are many Jewish holidays that are important to celebrate; however, daily rituals take the central role in Judaism. The celebration of the Sabbath, which lasts every week from Friday evening to Saturday evening, is devoted to religious practices and abstinence from work. The Third Commandment explains how the Sabbath should be celebrated. Passover is another important Jewish holiday that celebrates the Jewish escape from slavery in Egypt led by Moses. Jewish people have dietary laws that do not allow them to consume certain products such as pork or some dairy.

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