Cosmological Argument: Looking for Convincing Proof

Religious beliefs play a critical role in understanding the idea of the existence of God. According to Rowe, there are three main approaches to discuss this point, including the Cosmological, Design, and Ontological arguments. All of them have their strong and weak aspects and specific contributions that are logical, irrefutable, and clear. The Cosmological Argument is based on deductive validity and explains God through the prism of the universe and the presence of dependent and self-dependent things. Despite the existing critics of the argument, it seems to be convincing enough with its strong proof that God exists, life has a meaning, and the universe was created by a supreme being.

The existence of the theistic God was challenged by several philosophical interpretations. It was easy to say that some dependent things may be false because their grounds have no clear explanations. On the one hand, the Cosmological Argument has a simple and rational explanation that God is the one who created the world. The existence of the universe can be proved by the possibility to gather information and breathe. As soon as the existence of the universe is proved, the existence of God as the creator of the universe is also evident. Deductive validity works, logic is present, and the qualities of God, such as omnipotence, omniscience, and goodness, are defined. On the other hand, the level of proof may be diminished by such simple questions as who created God or what the cause of God’s existence is. There are still many contradictions and questions within the argument. However, each argument has certain weaknesses, and those of the Cosmological Argument is less critical, which makes it a credible source of information and the formulation of religious (theistic) beliefs.

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