Lessons from the House M.D. TV Show

Examining the show House M.D. from a literary perspective has provided me with a more in-depth understanding of a hospital’s life. This aspect is helpful as nursing is firmly connected to communicate with patients and their families. Thus, although on many occasions, the main character did not serve as a good example, he gave me an understanding of how I want to talk to my patients.

Additionally, the episodes gave me a comprehension that it is easy to disregard one’s feelings because of the large number of cases that a nurse has to attend to ensure positive health outcomes. Seeing House’s attitude towards his patients has displayed a need to be a compassionate healthcare worker. Although he was going through a personal struggle during the course of the plot, his attitudes were harsh on most occasions.

It can be argued that providing patients with more compassion and understanding of their condition can be helpful as emotional support would guide them through their recovery process. However, his point of view has presented a valuable opinion that patients may not always be truthful regarding their actions.

Thus, the show has taught me the importance of considering every aspect of one’s health. The story has shown that many cases are connected to ethical dilemmas that have to be resolved by medical personnel. The importance of adhering to moral standards and caring for patient’s health outcomes was illustrated on numerous occasions. Overall, the TV Show House M.D. has displayed many essential aspects of providing healthcare that I will be able to apply in my professional practice.

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