“Directors Tell the Story” Book by Bethany Rooney

Reading the book “Directors Tell the Story” by Bethany Rooney was a fantastic experience for me. I have discovered various matters about the structure of movies and series that I had noticed myself but could not give a particular name to. Namely, the explicit breaking down of the script corresponds to my observations when watching movies. I have always thought of such components as complications, foreshadowing, climax, and dénouement, yet I have not clearly understood them. Now, I achieved some comprehension of the terms and their meaning for the structure of movies.

The other interesting information from the book was about the tricks that directors use while reading the script and making it up for the format of movies or series. The first technique was thumbnail titles for each episode of a series so that to understand the connection between them. Additionally, the method reveals a broader picture to a director. Next, a cheat sheet with different levels of the plot is helpful for creating a story with a subtext and not getting lost in it. In brief, the creative approaches of the directors can inspire one to be cautious while adapting the script.

Next, a fascinating piece of the book concerns the details of creating characters that are alive and can be remembered by viewers. I agree that a character’s profile should be composed of three layers: the character’s self-perception, thoughts of others, and the writer’s vision. Also, it was said that the imagery of a character is rather vital for making a person out of a written text. This should include appropriate clothing, colors, facial expressions, and other elements. Therefore, a well-written character is derived from the thorough work of a director.

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