Christo’s Running Fence and Its Role as an Artwork

Art is something seen to be very essential to human development, for instance, in the case of Christo’s Running Fence, which had an impact on the society surrounding that fence. This can be evident to the early men and women who actually lived in the caves of Spain and southern France since thay6 had images that actually depicted their daily living.

These early men and women curved those images and these images they valued them so much and could be used in various occasions like death since they could bury their dead with these images. The role of the artist in the development of public art is one of leadership and communication in the sense that it’s through art that these artists can communicate educative messages to the audience and this can help change the community’s thinking and habits.

Christo acted as a role model in society’s development. He is also seen as a vehicle of change in the communities in the sense that since these artists are professional leaders in their art; they can act as a means of change in the societies. This can be clearly seen in most of the projects they perform like the running fence which actually carries important materials with them. The participants within the art program are learning to express themselves in ways that will impact and empower the local community in regard to art, culture, and education.

This artist was supposed to lift the spirit of the audience which was of course the community. In other communities like in America, the role of the artist especially the young artist is for celebrity and fame. Some actually perform art just because they want to be seen unlike in the traditional whereby art was actually supposed to educate. Art can also be used as a way of earning living in the sense that most young artists perform art just because that is the only way they can actually earn their living.

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