Kennedy’s Goals to Accomplish with the New Frontier

“New Frontier” was a slogan used by John F. Kennedy urge to Americans to support him during the presidential election in the United States in 1960. Previously, he used this slogan to lure people to vote for him and later during his acceptance speech as a democratic nominee to Democratic National Convention. This slogan became his label to aid his administration’s domestic and foreign policies. The program of the new frontier was to enable the country to step up its economy, security, energize the space program and the international aid. Using this program, he wanted to tackle the following domestic and foreign issues including civil rights, urban decline, and foreign policy.

Basically, Kennedy never wanted to get involved in the civil rights campaign as he feared he may lose the support of the southern democrats who were in the congress for they were crucial for the passing of his proposal. To control the urban decline, he encouraged the industrial revolution by cutting taxes on the industries. He introduced price floors in order to contain inflation, the minimum wages were increased and he tried to boost consumer spending on manufactured goods.

In order to help the poor, he passed the Area Development Act in 1961 whose aim was poverty eradication in both rural and urban areas. His government-issued loans to states which experienced long-term poverty, the housing act that was passed helped people to get loans at minimal interest rates, and rather in 1961 he passed a Manpower Development Training Act which sought to retrain workers who had no jobs.

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