Merits and Demerits of Machine Age

The machine age which has been coupled with the use of computers has aptly brought mixed fortunes. We all acknowledge that it is out of human intelligence that computers came into being. One major positive implication of the growing technology is that information can be stored, processed, retrieved and transmitted fast and with high precision. This is definitely moving the world at high speed and it is possible to accomplish much in this technological age than before.

Nevertheless, over reliance on modern technology may as well render human beings useless in terms of their ability to critically think and evaluate problems, having dedicated the entire task to computers. If we leave the thinking and evaluation process to computers per se, then, a time will come when it will overpower our intelligence. This can be catastrophic indeed.

The young generation is at higher risk because much of the information in the modern era is integrated into the machine use contrary to the conventional systems which relied on individuals to impart knowledge on a one to one basis. Furthermore, too much interaction with machines is gradually dissipating the human value in society. Low human interaction is indeed an ingredient towards social stratification. Machine use is highly favorable but ought to back with human intelligence at all times.

The fact that “computers can help humans understand some of our most perplexing problems” is factual but we should also be in a position to sort out such problems on our own without necessarily leaving the whole task to computers. In a nutshell, machine age has enabled mankind to see outside the box, understand the world better and appreciate much more within the immediate and remote environment. This should not however, override the role of human beings in moving the world forward.

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