How Community Nurses Can Promote Advance

There are several ways in which community nurses can promote advanced and anticipatory care planning for Jim. The Scottish Government offered the policy of palliative and end-of-life care in its strategic framework to support patients’ well-being in regard to their diagnosis, age, and socio-economic background. First, the nurse has to discuss and plan Jim’s possible decline in health in the future. It is not necessary to wait until a crisis occurs but prepares the patient and his family.

Despite his strive for independence, he will certainly need some help with time, and each time, the level of assistance will increase. People have to assess available resources and social care services. The nurse should train the patient to develop his skills in accepting and living with the diagnosis. Anticipatory care usually consists of communication with individuals and realistic options identification. Even if the patient reduces cooperation, the nurse needs to insist on his/her presence in Jim’s life. One day, he will want to talk to someone about his condition, and he should know where to address for help.

Second, in addition to potential problems with long-term conditions, community nurses provide patients with information about benefits and safety. If only negative facts are revealed, Jim can be exposed to progressive depression and other mental health problems. The task of a nurse is to avoid these complications as long as possible. Positive thoughts, the identification of personal priorities, and the unpredictability of changes may be interesting to the patient who needs anticipatory care. Jim’s cancer has already metastasized to his bones, which means that he could experience difficulty walking soon.

Care plans must be reviewed with respect to his current condition and future opportunities. Jim feels confused and frightened about the possibility of being a burden to his family. The community nurse gives hope and helps the patient and his family. Their cooperation must become positive practice during which support, information, and positive emotions are shared.

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