Promoting Safe and Effective Medicines Management

The responsibilities of nurses in medication administration vary, and in this case, Jim needs to cooperate with a healthcare expert to understand that treatment is effective for his long-term conditions. He is diagnosed with adverse prostate cancer, and the tumor does not respond to the offered treatment. Besides, he is a COPD patient, which means his difficulty breathing has to be regulated. A nurse is the final person to check if prescribed medications are taken correctly and dispensed before administration.

Taking into consideration the fact that Jim lives with his children, a nurse can use medication therapy review via electronic prescribing or clinical decision support systems. This strategy includes the record of medication administration information like the date, time, and dose Telephone calls are necessary to check if the patient follows the medication discharge plan. Communication with family members and sharing educative notes and posters can be effective for Jim and his primary caregivers.

The role of a pharmacy team should not be ignored in the development of strategies for safe medicines management in Jim’s family. Pharmacists are also critical participants in medicine optimization for patients. Due to the COVID-19 social restrictions, people have to stay isolated for a long period, and nurses remain the only communicators. They may arrange communication online or plan meetings beforehand after any changes in symptoms are reported and analyzed. Cost issues and delivery details are also clarified in advance not to bother the patient or his family. All these strategies and steps help to promote safe and effective medication management for Jim or other patients with long-term conditions.

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