Community Asset Planning and Its Principles

Community-based development is an integral part of many human processes, including healthcare services and support for the population. The promotion of an asset-based approach, also known as a strengths-based approach, to social care is required. Its main rule is to identify the existing strengths (assets), needs, and difficulties of people, assess their effectiveness, and choose the most appropriate way of implementing new ideas.

Nurses have to investigate what people can do, relying on their own skills and resources and helping them utilize their knowledge. According to Alex Fox, people must be seen beyond their care needs as they are the only experts who should change their own lives. The principles of community asset planning are the belief that everyone has gifts, people should care about something, and certain motivation is always necessary. It is expected to focus on positive aspects of human life and promote such activities as counseling, cooperation, and professional leadership.

Community asset planning is an initial phase in which people understand what they should and can do at the moment. Public Health organizations have to support people to do something for themselves instead of waiting when extra help comes outside. There are many options for individuals to become stronger, healthier, and happier, and an asset approach exists to inspire and motivate communities. Long-term conditions challenge individuals and make them weak, and asset planning helps recognize resources to solve a problem or improve life quality, people to use available resources, gaps to overcome, and methods to apply.

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