Changing Company’s Employment System

If given the power, I will specifically deal with employee wellness. This is one specific area that I can confess that our company is not doing well in. The work schedules of the company, coupled with traffic jams and family obligations, do not leave employees with enough time to work on their mental and physical health. Considering the significance of psychological and physical health, I would design a strategy where employees are registered in wellness centers where they will be allowed to attend for at least three days a week.

This will also go a long way in providing childcare support for mothers. Employees will also be encouraged to adopt healthy eating habits to maintain good health. Once in a while, I will arrange for a talk show with nutritionists to empower employees with relevant information on what they ought to consume and to what amount vis a vis what they need to shun.

To effectively deal with mental health, I will implore the organization to hire a part-time psychiatrist or a mental health specialist to help employees deal with various issues of mental health. Several factors, both at work and at home, contribute to employees’ poor mental health. Incidentally, stressed or sick employees can barely do their job as effectively as required. Most of them will keep on complaining, procrastinating, and blaming others. The net effect is that they will be detrimental to their work. Thus, a mental health expert will help employees cope with the burnout they encounter due to their work experiences.

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