Bernard Supermarket’s Managers Motivating Employees

In any organization such as Bernard supermarket in Famagusta, not only must the driving element be disseminated from leadership in a way that highlights its necessity, but also as a way of enhancing and increasing morality by the organization. Employee motivation is one of the most crucial processes to be developed by management. The drive behind an organization for greater productivity is vital for the entire firm and depends on the people.

Therefore, every organization’s success rests on managers’ ability to give their employees an inspiring environment. More productive, happier, and longer stay with the organization are the motivated employees. One of the main tasks faced by a manager is to see how his personnel can be motivated. Academics and business executives describe various approaches to motivate employees. Employee motivation also depends heavily on the culture.

Firstly, I shall declare that each month, a top-performing employee will be chosen based on their performance and get rewarded. Secondly, being a leader that sets an example to the employee is important since they all look up to the style of leadership within the company. Thirdly, it is important to invest in the employee’s happiness and respect their work-life balance. Fourthly, I would put measures that ensure the organization is able to resolve conflicts that may arise between employees creating a conducive environment. The fifth point is to ensure that the employees are able to have open communication in regards to their needs or changes that they may want for purposes of growing the organization.

The sixth point is to ensure that the employees get a raise in salary if the company’s profit goes up to a specified amount. The seventh point is to create ways that employees are able to apply for promotions within the organization. The eighth point is to ensure that the employees understand the organization’s policy fully by offering them training to also grow their skills in management. The ninth way is encouraging friendly competition in achieving a particular goal. Finally, allowing employees to have the space to be creative without limitation based on the work and success of the company.

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