Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Employee Monitoring Software

However, Dhotre et al. stipulate that an Android-based mobile application is a suitable variant for employers to use. Individuals should download this application to their mobile phones, and employers will have appropriate information on their performance. For example, this software makes it possible for managers to “know all the incoming calls, outgoing calls, and text messages sent by an unknown person to the employee”.

This information helps employers assess the performance and prevalent behaviors of their staff. In other words, this application is a useful variant in those cases when managers want to make sure that their employees do not chat excessively during their working hours. The application above and other employee monitoring software implies both pros and cons. As for advantages, there is no doubt that such tools increase productivity.

Employees understand that they can be penalized if they, for example, surf the Internet, and it does not allow them to deal with personal affairs. Djordjevic states that another positive feature refers to adequate employee evaluation. This software can show individuals who deserve bonuses and promotions. At the same time, such applications often imply some drawbacks. Firstly, many believe that monitoring violates the ethical norms of society. Secondly, it refers to privacy issues because the software reveals details of personal correspondence.

Thus, misuse of the monitoring tools can result in leaks of personal information. The information above stipulates that those employers who use employee monitoring tools should draw specific attention to maximize their benefits and mitigate their possible drawbacks.

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