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Organizational values are the backbone of all business processes of the company, from hiring new staff to interacting with customers. Bablitz asserts that although most managers think that values only help decision-making, they actually “should be the driving force behind all your decisions.” Indeed, during designing and implementing plans, employees, especially new ones, take examples from leaders and whether they based their choices and actions on guiding organizational principles. Hence, values contribute to building conducive corporate culture and determine the vitality of a company’s strategy and its success. In the given case, Copious’s values comprise integrity, excellence, professionalism, commitment, customer service, inclusion, and sustainability.

In particular, the management should consider values while making decisions in several critical areas. First, when recruiting talents, managers should ensure that employees’ principles align with those the company adheres to. If workers do not pursue the same values, they are highly likely not to be the right individuals who eagerly participate in the company’s development. In this regard, Copious should have professional personnel who are committed to its mission and established requirements related to customer service. This also concerns when the employer wants to quit the wrong people. Second, it is preferable to select suppliers and other business partners, such as advertisers and sponsors, with similar core principles to avoid future disappointments and contradictions.

Third, values play a critical role in forming robust relationships between management and subordinates. This point especially relates to decisions regarding promotions since those employees should primarily be advanced and demonstrate observance of the company’s values via their performance and daily behavior. Fourth, it is relevant to offer eco-friendly products, including disposable dishware, glassware, and cutlery, because not only does this mitigate environmental pollution but also draws numerous environment-conscious customers. Last but not least, values assume immense significance when working with clients and developing a substantial customer base. Workers’ adherence to values guarantees that customers are satisfied with the firm’s service, which will eventually promote brand building. In addition, if the company desires to preserve its integrity, it is essential not to cooperate with clients inclined to apply unethical or dubious business practices.

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