Healthcare Insurance and Employee Absence

A job description is a well-formulated statement outlining the expectations of the management of an individual. The employee is expected to adhere to these requirements to enhance the goal attainment by the organization. In its turn, the organization is liable for providing a healthcare insurance policy for its employees whenever they fall sick. The job requirements are evaluated yearly to determine the level of performance of an employee. Certain minimum regulations by the federal government administer the length of working hours, minimum pay, and allowances for extra time shifts and do not need to be put in writing.

An employee may get sick at any time during the timeframe for executing their roles. Federal and state laws exist to guide the length of time off provided to sick workers. The federal laws of the United States provide for paid leave to sick employees or pregnant women. Unpaid leave is offered for certain illness conditions in the worker or their immediate family members. This timeframe is enshrined in federal laws, and workers have no risk of losing their job.

Furthermore, the shift of current policies on sick leaves aims to require paid leaves by private employers. In the past few years, several states have passed laws requiring private firms to issue paid leaves to their employees. For instance, in California, all employees are required to provide sick leaves to employees despite the organization’s size. Individuals earn an hour of sick leaves with every 30 hours worked. Additionally, sick leaves may be given to persons who experience sexual abuse, domestic violence, or stalking. Health is a central point of the employees’ optimal output.

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